How is Magento 2 Better than Shopify?

Magento 2 Better than Shopify

Magento and Shopify are the two ecommerce platforms that provide you with websites for your business. They both are regarded as the best in their field. However, there is always a debate over which one ranks first.

Well, it all depends on the customer’s preference. Although most of the features of both Shopify and Magento are pretty much the same, there are still some differences. Magento has been criticized a lot of times for being a bit difficult to set up and use. In order to eliminate the problems that Magento had, it released a new version which is named Magento 2.

Magento 2 has been introduced to make it much easier for the customers to use. It has an admin panel which assists the users. Magento 2 makes it easier to market the products to the right customers and make transactions more efficiently. Shopify does provide similar services but still, Magento 2 is much better in this regard.

Magento 2 is also better than Shopify if you want to expand In the future. As Shopify can hand small online retailers but Magento is the expert in dealing with big businesses. It is so because Magento provides more flexibility to its customers with a greater level of customization. With the new features of Magento 2, this option of getting a customized website has become much easier. Even those customers who aren’t aware of the technical knowledge involved in coding can show their creativity with the introduction of drag and drop option. Shopify used to be the easiest to set up, but with the advanced features of Magento 2, it has become a better option.

Magento 2 also outperformers Shopify in the matter of marketplace. It has many promotional features in its system. It has the capability to boost the performance of multi-seller stores. Magento 2 has features that support the multi-seller stores in their functional process. However, Shopify needs improvement in this area in order to get the lead.

Previously, Magento was comparatively slower than Shopify, but after the introduction of Magento 2, Shopify and Magento stand almost equal. Magento 2 is better and faster to use. The increase in the speed is an additional incentive for the customers.

Conclusively, Shopify has been in lead for a good amount of time, now after the introduction of Magento 2, the tables might have turned. Magento 2 is better than before and it’s taking the lead.

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